100 Day Sprint

The 100 Day Sprint is the introductory product for 100Waters Group, and the culmination of everything we believe in. It is:

  • Investor Focused: targeted toward early stage investors who need a hands on, intensive diagnostic solution
  • 100 Days in length: the collective team picks 3-4 key stretch goals to focus on and races towards completion
  • Hands on: working alongside the team 2-3 half-days a week gives the 100Waters team an opportunity to make meaningful, focused progress while getting a clear sense of the challenges faced & personalities involved
  • Platform for change: the end result at the 100 Day Mark is a candid conversation, involving all stakeholders and professionally facilitated, that outlines what is needed for success moving forward

The 100 Day Sprint is not for the faint of heart or those companies that need occasional guidance. Leaning heavily on lean methodologies and using the same critical questions as the Business Model Canvas, 100Waters borrows heavily from our cross-industry experience to address the most critical issues with a sense of urgency. Similar to a bankruptcy or turnaround engagement, the 100Waters team takes a ‘no sacred cow’ approach to the issue. We’ll evaluate product market fit, sales efforts, operations, financial burn and most critically – the people behind it.

This is an ideal product for early stage investors that have made an investment in a promising company, but lack the time or resources to jump in themselves. It’s not a turnaround .. it’s an adjustment in strategy to take a promising company and turn it into an investment worthy, high growth machine.