100Waters Group helps businesses get through their awkward adolescence. The teen years are a mix of hormones, increased responsibility as they head towards adulthood, and spurts of substantial growth. During those years businesses sometimes need a guidance counselor to pick a path in life, a tough-love sports coach to knock them around a bit, and loving parental figures to make sure the homework gets done and curfew is kept. 100Waters has the team that can play all those roles.

To support that aim, we offer the following services:

  • 100 Day Sprint: an intensive intervention designed to compress time, focus on specific goals, and diagnose chronic problems limiting growth
  • The Startup Intensive: a one week intensive bringing together practicing experts from legal, user experience, strategy, marketing and sales to reboot a business. It’s a 24 hours a day, 7 days in length sprint with all hands on deck focused on your business problems.
  • Interim CEO: a short term leadership change designed to inject new energy and direction into existing companies
  • Shadow CEO: designed for younger CEO’s, our team offers behind-the-scenes support, mentoring and operational support to help with the business of running a business
  • Corporate Strategy Consulting: figuring out how to take current resources and stretch their limits
  • Hands on investing: applying our years of experience to help build better companies as an inside, hands on investor
  • Venwise: a curated community for high growth leaders to learn & grow